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CAUTION: It's never as simple as just filling out a form... especially under duress. We strongly advise you to contact us for personal advice and representation before committing yourself to a specific action.

The following listed IRS publications / forms are in Adobe pdf format¹ for accuracy in reproduction and security from viruses. Each publication will open in a separate window so you can conveniently return to this site. Links are given to get the document directly from the IRS site as well as copies on this "local" server (in case the IRS link is changed).
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general information:    
     your rights as a taxpayer (Rev. August 2000) - IRS local
     bankruptcy tax guide - IRS local
     IRS collection process (rev 5/2002) - IRS local
commonly used forms:    
     request for copy of tax return - IRS local
     3d party tax info authorization (Rev. January 2000) - IRS local
     power of attorney (Rev. Jan 2002) - IRS local
the appeals process and your rights :    
     collection appeal rights - IRS local
     collection appeal request - IRS local
     request for appeals review (4-1999) - IRS local
     examination, appeals rights, & refund requests (Rev. July 2002) - IRS local
requests for agency oversight:    
     IRS national taxpayer advocate service (Rev. 11-2002) - IRS local
     application for taxpayer assistance order (Rev. 3-2000) - IRS local
potential options:    
     request for a collection due process hearing - IRS local
     installment agreement application form(Rev. Dec 2003) - IRS local
     offer in compromise form (Rev. 8-2003) - IRS local
releasing tax liens (after tax settlement):    
     request for certificate of discharge from tax lien - IRS local
     application for subordination of tax lien - IRS local
     application for certificate of release from federal tax lien - IRS local
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