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Congratulations on being in the 90% bracket of "compliant taxpayers"! The only issues you face are the ones nesessary to ensure that you are doing your "due dilligence" and taking all the legally available advantages provided to you by the IRS... questions like:
do I have an efficient tax strategy?
am I consistent in following my tax strategy?
am I paying too much?

steps to an efficient tax strategy
I have a good understanding of the underlying Internal Revenue Code
II maintain familiarity with current and pending legislation involving taxation
III keep up with current and pending Internal Revenue Regulations
IV stay current with Internal Revenue rulings
V read relevant Tax Court decisions
VI report your tax liabilities in a timely and accurate manner
VII maintain compliant records and copies of past returns
VIII examine past returns in light of relevant changes in Code, Regulation, or court decisions
IX ensure your witholdings and deposits stay both appropriate and efficient
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Of course, if you are busy running a business, developing a career, maintaining a household, or some other time intensive activity, you can form a strategic alliance with a licensed and certified tax practitioner ( i.e CPA specializing in taxes).
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