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The following links will direct you to the appropriate area for information under the indicated situation.

Are you current but looking for a change in your tax strategy?
               This is the most common choice - efficient tax compliance.

Have you filed all required tax returns to date?
               This is required for all cases - file missing returns.

Do you have outstanding tax debt?
               Does it include any undeposited payroll taxes?
               Does it include any undeposited sales taxes?
               Does it involve more than one year?

Are you anticipating being unable to pay taxes due this year?
               File on time !

Are you uncertain about your tax debt or past returns?
               Request previous returns.

Have you received any IRS communication about your tax returns?
               audit inquiry?
               CP 2000?
               Intent to levy or file lien?

Has an IRS tax lien been filed?
               subordination of IRS lien
               discharge of an IRS lien

Questions about your options during the State of Georgia collections process?
               Georgia taxpayer "bill of rights"

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