Tax Triage: crisis tax management
licensed care for tax trauma


There are many "tax health" situations that benefit from professional knowledge, experience, and skill. Contact us to get a handle on an optimal tax strategy for yourself..

current on filing and payments optimize your tax strategy
non-current on filing file outstanding returns
current on filing, delinquent on payments  
   delinquent tax less than one year old installment agreement
   delinquent tax more than one year OIC, negotiate
IRS inquiry received (read all IRS material received)
     audit inquiry¹ check filed return, get advice
     tax bill, you agree determine ability to pay, negotiate
     CP2000 convert to tax bill, get help
     intent to file lien  
     tax bill, you disagree fast track mediation, negotiate
     tax bill, you disagree, last round advocacy, exercise an option
     intent to levy exercise an option, get help
     intent to file lien exercise an option, get help
¹ in 2002, IRS began the National Research Program to gather compliance data. Among other things, a random sample of taxpayers are to be selected for full and intensive audits. There are no implications of being selected but if you are in this category, you may benefit from personal representation.

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